Register and Earn!

An email list is the prize possession of any successful business. Therefore, to become technically viable means to have a well-developed email list on hand.
The Internet is full of thousands of success stories of business owners become rich, practically overnight, just by having the masses included on their email list. For instance, look at the social media sites, they are the elite when it comes to developing an email list that can easily deliver millions to its owners.
Success stories of this type can make us look to the light in the tunnel and allow us to count our marbles just long enough while building our own email list. However, it seems as though there is very little reward, in financial terms, for the recipients of the email. The question that seems to emerge is, why don´t the recipients of the email benefit financially?
Most successful websites do request for their visitors to register for a free service or free information as a way of their saying thank you for visiting and for subscribing. However, if we were given the opportunity to earn for registering, how would that work? What would we be required to do and how much would be be able to earn? These are the questions that we have set out to answer by attempting to build our own opt-in email list.
The bottom line is quite simple in this process. It is to earn advertising dollars and at the end of the day to distribute 70% of the profits to our opt-in email list recipients.
The first question that would need to be answered is, how would that work? Here is how it would work. Each participant would need to register with an authentic email address and be willing to receive advertisements via email.
Secondly, you would be required to check the email at least once a week for offers that are of interest to you. Thirdly, at the end of each quarter a financial report will be posted to show how much have generated and how much will be paid out to recipients.
In closing, we would like to thank each participant for registering for this offer. As a reminder, you are invited to post your monthly articles with us to promote your business service or product.
Please contact us for details.